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#Imagine you were a military soldier and right now you were in Afghanistan on duty. You & Zayn have been dating for about 3 years and not one day didn’t go by that you too miss each other. You guys would skype when you guys could. You guys always send letter saying how much you both love and miss each other. Most people could tell Zayn was depressed with you been so far away, that’s why tonight you were gonna surprise him at his concert in Phoenix. He didn’t know of course besides the guys! You got to the stadium right when the boys went on stage so Zayn didn’t see you, you hanged out with the 5SOS boys for a while. You couldn’t believe you were there with him just a couple feet away. 

"Okay guys this next song is very special to Zayn because he wrote it for Y/N. Right now she is in Afghanistan on duty! This is for you Y/N" Liam said.. The crowd went crazy when "You & I" starting playing, Zayn had a happy/sad face just thinking you werent there and how far you were..You werent coming home til 4 more months and that killed him. He wish he could hold you every night. Zayn started singing his part and tried so hard not to cry just thinking about you. Seeing his fan being supportive about your relationship made his heart melt…

Right before the song was over you walked out on stage the crowd went crazy, but of course Zayn didnt notice because he was all the way in the front of the stage. After he did his last echo he turned around to see you standing next to Liam and Niall he couldnt believe you were there in front of him he tried his best not to cry but once he saw you running into his arms and hugging him he cried and pulled you closer and kissed you all over.. “Everybody give up for Y/N!” Louis scream making the crowd go while. “Babe what are you doing here! I thought you werent coming til January!” Zayn asked you still holding you by your waist and looking into your now teary eyes..”I know but they let me go for a while. I cant go back until our baby is born!” you told him while putting his hands on your little bump. “What!?” Zayn asked and kissed you with so much passion. All the boys congraluted you guys and you stayed on stage the rest of the concert watching your boyfriend do what he love to do and with a huge smile on his face!! 

*Sorry if it sucked!”



it gets funnier every time you watch it

Ashton is so done with Luke’s shit. It’s a fucking cow luke.

I wasn’t there when they were in the X-Factor but I’ve been then there since What Makes You Beautiful. & Honestly I don’t regret one bit of it, I’ve never been more proud of any other boy band or singer as I am for this 5 boys. They change my life complete, they have saved me & help me even if I don’t know them personally. To me they are just 5 regular boys that have help me in my life & follow what’s right for. They give me hope in my dream. They went in the X-Factor as solo acts & came out with 4 new brothers. Everything they have achieve in the last for years I’ve been so proud of them. Because even after so much fame they are still the same caring boys they were since day one. They always put their fans first no matter what. Yea we get crazy but they have always been there. They always protect us. People call them gay or other hurtful things but look at them it doesn’t bring them down it makes them stronger. When people tell me shit I don’t care because believe it or not these boys have been there for me more than anyone could imagine. Not personally but in spirit with their music. They will always be my boys no matter what, if I’m married have kids my kids are gonna know who they are!(= I’m so proud of you boys, keep doing what you guys do and just know your Directioners will always stick by your side no matter what happens. 4 years ago they went as solo artist came out with 4 new brothers and became the most popular boy band in the world.I LOVE YOU GUYS & THANK YOU FOR BASICALLY EVERYTHING

#Imagine  You were in a girl band & you were performing at your old high school. You were so nervous because your friends were there and so was your ex boyfriend. You never wanted to see him again after what he did. You knew that your girls had your back no matter what and you told them about what he did to you. Even your boyfriend Luke Hemmings, yes from 5SOS. He complete you, you were so happy to be with him and so thankful to have him in your life. Both your band and 5SOS were performing together. You couldnt be more happy than to perform on stage with you friends and your boyfriend. Once you got infront of your school you were infront of the Juniors were mosts of your friends and your ex boyfriend was. You saw your friends and you wave hi, you can see they were shocked to see you because they never knew you sang. Once you saw your ex seeing you with shocked eyes you just smiled. Your bandmate Angela announced 5SOS and you saw everybody go crazy, Luke went to stand next to you and started playing. After a couple of songs, Luke decided to sing A Thousand Years part 2, which it was your and his song. You happily begin to sing and so did he. Once it got to the ending you saw Luke give his guitar to Calum and turned towards you, nobody knew you guys were dating only yours and his bandmates. While you and luke were singing the last part you saw him kneeling down infront of you and pull out a gorgeous engagement ring. You cover your mouth and cried as he slipped the ring in your finger. You heard gasps and cheers from your old school. “(y/n) I love so you much and I want to spend the rest of my life next to yours. I waited a long time for a girl to come into my life and change it, and when you came in mine I knew you were the one. I love you<3” “I love you too Luke, I do wanna spend the rest of my life with you<3” You told him. 

(Sorry it wasnt my best but hope you like it!)

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